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Dunkeld Butchers

Our Produce High-welfare and high-quality meat

Locally sourced throughout Scotland to ensure quality, support local farmers and low carbon miles for transport.


Delicious meat from Aberdeenshire, matured on the bone to give the best flavour.
Perfect for a traditional tender steak, diced for a slow cooked stew that fills your house with mouth-watering aromas and always fresh.

Steaks - Roasts - Stews


Currys, Kievs, Fillets and more. Chicken is a versatile meat that is sure to delight on your table. Free-range and organic birds are available ensuring the highest quality of meat.

Fillets - Drumsticks


Perfect for a Sunday Roast, our grass-fed animals are selected for their great-taste bringing to your table dishes to enjoy.

Chops - Roasts - Stew


Sizzling sausages on their own as part of a dish. Our well-reared pigs produce many cuts of meat that can be used as the main dish or as part of a delicious feast.

Sausages - Chops - Ham

Duck, Venison & Game

Our relationships with estates throughout Perthshire Scotland enable us to offer in-season Duck, Venison and Game for your table. Meats that are rich and full of flavour.

Steaks - Sausages - Casseroles

Milk & Dairy Products

Returnable glass-bottled Milk that gives the Dairy Farmer a fair price and helps to reduce your plastic waste. 

Working with Scottish Daries we are able to offer quality Dairy products locally.

Fresh - Glass Bottled 

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