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Dunkeld Butchers

Sustainable, Ethical and Local Meat We aim to provide meat that is the best quality in every way

At Dunkeld Butchers, we are working hard to ensure that all of our meat is the best on offer.

Our working ethos

It is important to us that we are able to provide the Best Quality of Meat with the knowledge that there have been no compromises in the journey to your table, ensuring that you are able to enjoy fresh produce from a forward-thinking butcher. 

Quality Meat

The way an animal is raised, handled and their fed are key factors in the quality and flavour of the meat. We source our meat from proven farms known for their high rearing standards and farms that truly care for their animals

Locally Sourced

Working with local farmers all around Scotland we are able to source High Quality Meat and produce that has been well-treated, reared in an environmentally aware process and is as local as possible. 

Our suppliers are as close as possible helping to reduce the miles and carbon footprint of our meat.

Plastics are minimised, recycled and where possible removed.

The recent pandemic has shown that a Local Butcher and Suppliers are an important part of community support.

Ethical & Sustainable

Our farmers are working in a manner that supports and improves the environment with sustainability in mind. 

Animal welfare is a not an afterthought, it is a key focus in the rearing, feeding and caring of their livestock.